Conversations with thought leaders in the business world and beyond, who reveal how by creating a unique blend of experience, skills and purpose, their leadership has changed the people and organisations around them.

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9th August 2021  //  Make the Decision to Lead

We all have to make a decision on whether we want to be a leader and how we choose to lead.

In this episode, Kevin Withane speaks with Dr Catherine Rymsha, author of The Leadership Decision.  Catherine and Kevin chat about: 

  • Leaders defining what leadership means to them;
  • The effect of the pandemic on leadership approach; and
  • Finding the balance between being there for your people but also holding them accountable.

Dr Catherine Rymsha is a lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, where she teaches courses on leadership. Catherine spent over ten years in marketing/communications leadership roles and now leads learning and development for a software company.


You can find out more about Catherine on the Cocktail Leadership blog here.  

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About the host

Your host of Cocktail Leadership, Kevin Withane, is a purpose-led senior lawyer and ethics and compliance executive.  He has gained experience working across non-profits, quasi-governmental organisations, at a regulator, in law firms, SMEs and at a global public listed company.  Kevin has lived and worked in the UK, China, Hong Kong, Russia and the United States as well as traveling extensively across Europe and Asia.

Cocktail Leadership is the passion project that Kevin has chosen to deliver on his mission, by sharing his, and most importantly his guests’ ideas with the podcast’s listeners.

I will use  the Cocktail Leadership podcast to share ideas to educate and encourage current and future leaders to tap into the power of treating their employees as humans, not commodities, and aligning their business culture and purpose with those of their people so that business can make the world a better place.