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In this first episode of Cocktail Leadership, your host, Kevin Withane has an extended chat with Brian Kaiser.  Brian is the President and Managing Director for the FCS Division in Asia for TI Fluid Systems plc.  He and his team are responsible for delivering nearly US$ 1 billion in total sales, with over 6,500 employees, and operations in 6 countries (China, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, and Indonesia).

Brian has a reputation for strong managerial and leadership skills, particularly in Asia-Pacific, where he has lived and worked for over twenty (20) of the past twenty-eight (28) years in both Korea and China.  With a clear sense of vision and urgency in establishing operational excellence in culturally diverse environments, Brian also has earned a reputation for strategic business development and results-oriented revenue and profit growth.

Brian takes us on a journey from his childhood growing up in Canton, Ohio to spend the majority of his career in Korea and China leading teams across Asia to success.  He shares his leadership influences which include Peyton Manning who has left an indelible mark on the way Brian sees leadership.

We talk about the importance of trust and authenticity and why it is important to align a company’s purpose with those of its employees.

We learn that you can take the boy out of Canton, Ohio, but Canton does not leave the boy.

When you hear us chat, it is hard to think of as Brian as an introvert who does not drink, except and only on work events in order to bond with his team – even to the detriment to his own health.


About Brian

He is married to Yunhei, who he met on his first leadership stint in Korea.  They have a son, Ryan.  The rest of Brian’s family reside back home in Ohio, USA.

Brian is passionate about travel and is adventurous.  He is an avid sports fan and whilst growing up led his school sports teams.

*          My Team can succeed if I take the obstacles out of their way and let them do their jobs.
*          Give me a hard-working team player who is honest/ethical on my team any day.
*          Work Hard & Be Nice To People.
*          Never Believe You Know it All.
Favorite Quotes:         “Happy Monday”, “Happy Friday”, and “Any Good News?”.

Finally, he has recently qualified as a Certified Professional Coach through iPEC.  Additionally, Brian is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist.  I will talk more about the executive coaching when I catch up with Brian soon on the Cocktail Leadership youtube channel.


You can reach Brian by email, on LinkedIn, and on WeChat ID Brian_D_Kaiser.


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