About The Podcast

In 2020, business is about more than profit.  Companies and individuals are turning away from classic corporate structures and principles.  The Business Roundtable has redefined the purpose of a corporation.  The standard of shareholder supremacy and only maximising shareholder value is being challenged and moving towards a more purpose-driven way of working with a focus on all stakeholders, and with this comes the need for a new kind of leadership – human leadership.  Business has the ability to not only perform well financially, but also help solve the world’s problems and ensure that it is a better place for all of us.

Hosted by Kevin Withane, a purpose-led lawyer with a passion for human leadership and building great corporate cultures, Cocktail Leadership features conversations with thought leaders in the business world and beyond, as they share their values and ideas and reveal how by creating a unique blend of experience, skills and purpose, their leadership has changed the people and organisations around them.