A world where business leaders treat their people as unique humans and make decisions with all stakeholder interests considered and not just those of shareholders – a place where business uses it innate ability to do good for wider society.


I will use the Cocktail Leadership podcast to share ideas to educate and encourage current and future leaders to tap into the power of treating their employees as humans, not commodities, and aligning their business culture and purpose with those of their people so that business can make the world a better place.




  • family


    Put the needs of my family above all else. Enjoy the time with my family and be present with them. It is all too easy to be distracted these days, but I place high value on the time I get with my family, particularly as we are spread across the world.

    From the professional side, this value also represents treating your people like they are your family. When making decisions, I consider it from the perspective of if those people involved are members of my family.
  • purpose


    I have reconnected with my purpose. This is not a religious purpose, but it is deeply spiritual. In Japan, they have the concept of “ikigai” – which best translates as “the reason for getting out of bed”.

    My purpose is simple – to use my skills to help others find their purpose and make a positive impact on the world.
  • trust

    Trust and Connection

    Trust underpins so much in our world. While you cannot see it, you feel it deep inside. It can be cultivated in many ways, including through being authentic, honest, vulnerable and humble. I try to show these sides of me as I want to connect with people in more than a superficial way and to do this I have to be trusted.
  • integrity


    I strive to live my life with integrity. I have fallen short of the standards I set myself here in the past, but I continue to live life with integrity being a cornerstone of who I am. I will always try to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
  • love

    Love and Gratitude

    I genuinely believe that love is the greatest gift we have in this world. I am grateful to have an abundance of love in my life, and in fulfilling my purpose, I hope to spread love and compassion to help make the world that little bit better.

    I believe that expressing gratitude, just a little each day, makes the world a better place.

The mix of human leadership and purpose
Cocktail Leadership - embodies each of these core values.